Monday, February 18, 2013

Moopsy Dolls for Easter

I fell in love with this Mini Moopy doll on Pinterest at the beginning of last year.
I knew that I had to make them for the kids.
So I made up my own pattern to create the kids their very own dolls.
Mine didn't turn out as floppy as the original picture, but both my kids absolutely love them, so that is all that matters. ANd ours are called Moopsy's, they both have slept with them every night since getting them for Easter last year. 

Bedside Table Makeover

From this bedside table I scored on Ebay for $1
About $30 worth of paint...
And this was the result....
A new bedside table for my son's bedroom.

This is where I had inspiration from. Love this room.
PS. He has the huge lego storage boxes too, they are so cool.

A Whimsical Dream Catcher

My daughter was having a lot of trouble sleeping through the night so I decided to try and make her a dreamcatcher. A special dreamcatcher that was pretty and whisical and not a traditional dreamcatcher.
This is the result. She loves it. And since she has had it up she has been sleeping much better.
Here are a few more dreamcatchers I made for some special orders.


Blog Changes

After no blog action for nearly 2 and a half years, I am giving it an overhaul.
I don't do a lot of scrapbooking anymore, so I am going to be uploading all my crafty activities and maybe even some tutorials.
So stay tuned.
Changes coming very soon.