Sunday, June 28, 2009

We are off to Hong Kong and China TODAY!!!! OMG!!!

I know photo's first but I will explain below!!!!!!

We leave for Hong Kong and China this morning like in about an 1 1/2 hours to be exactYes I haven't fallen off the face of the earth have just been very very very busy getting ready for today. Packing, Washing, Working and all the rest of the usual stuff as well as being a little sick. I haven't even had time to do any scrapping which definitely isn't like me at all but I do however have these pages I can share now. I was asked a few weeks ago if I would be interested in being a guest designer for the inspiration newsletter at The Scrapbook Establishment.

I got to work with the new Imaginisce Twitterpated papers, very cute they are so this is what I came up with, I had to also do an OTP project too. Don't look to closly at it as I hate OTP and it definitely won't be the best you have seen, but it's passable.

Well sorry about the weird set up of this post my mouse has stopped working properly so I can't move the photo's to where I want them and I don't have time to fix it so it will have to do. Well I had better be off otherwise we won't be ready when the Transfer guy comes at 7am. Take care everyone and I will do my best to keep the blog updated while we are overseas with photo's along the way.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I've been Tagged!

I have been tagged by the gorgeous and talented Tanya. You can check out all of her fantastic work here, she makes the most stunning cards and layouts. So here I go here are the Questions with 8 answers and also the people that I have tagged.

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Going home to my gorgeous partner and daughter.
2. Scrapbooking.
3. Weekends (family time)
4. Going to Hong Kong and China.
5. Going overseas many many more times.
6.When we eventually build in our garage to make our new study/scrap room.
7. Having a shower of a night straight before I go to bed.
8. When I finally get my new digital SLR Camera and do my photography course.

8 Things I did Yesterday:
1. Went to work for half the day. (5am on a Sunday morning! AARGH!!)
2. Checked my emails and blog hopped. (Really should have been scrapping)
3. Was talking to my good friend and neighbour over at her house for about 1 1/2hrs while Lily played with the kids.
4. Had Fish and Chips for dinner.
5. Washing.
6. Dishes.
7. A tiny bit of scrapping.
8. Went to bed at a descent hour.

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Be a Stay-At-Home Mummy.
2. Live in America and travel around while over there.
3. Get a bigger house or do some extensions to our house.
4. Scrap without interruptions.
5. Be self employed or own our own business.
6. Have a never ending fund of money in my bank account.
7. Organise and de-clutter my house to get rid of all the crap!!

8 Things or Shows I have watched lately.
1. Grey's Anatomy (LOVE this show, definitely my favourite)
2. Desperate Housewives ( is about to start so will be going to watch it in a tick)
3. Mastercheif (My FIL watches it so I saw it while I was cooking)
4. The Wiggles.
5. The Wiggles.
6. The Wiggles.
7. and some more of The Wiggles.
8. News.

People I have tagged:
1. Tracey Wilson
2. Samantha Hauzer
3. Ruth Clarke
I can't tag many other people as they have already been tagged, so this is my short list.

Should be back during the week with some sneaks of the scrapping I have been up.
Take care and thanks for looking at my blog.