Friday, July 31, 2009

My Secret is Out Now!!

I have been asked to be on the Design Team for The Scrapbook Establishment and of course I accepted ,I am both honoured and over the moon about this news I really still can't believe it.
Sadly though the Fantastic Ruthy Clarke has left the Design Team due to other commitments, she will be sadly missed from the team. Her work is truly beautiful and inspirational too you can check out her work here Definitely worth taking a look at her blog I know I do all the time!
Well that was my secret and I don't have anything to share at the moment I have been really slack and have had no urge to do anything not even Scrapbboking. Hopefully it passes really soon.
Anyway Thanks for popping in and all your comments.
Take Care.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have a big secret!!

I have a really big secret to share but unfortunately I can't share it just yet! I should be able to share in the next day or 2 or maybe 3!!!
Sorry about the tease but I am very excited and had to let a little bit of the secret out!
Keep tuned and all will be revealed soon.
Thanks for popping in and Take Care.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A few pages to share

A few pages to share. I have decided to do Beth's little challenge of creating 20 pages before I get tempted to buy any of the new stuff. So here is 2 pages to start my little challenge off.

Photo's from our Hong Kong Trip of course. A few of the photo's have jumped at me straight away and I had to scrap them. I am back to a little creative block again at the minute. Hopefully it passes in the next few days.

Page 1/20. The star ferry at Hong Kong I just had to scrap this photo of Lily that I took on the star ferry. It is just a gorgeous photo definitely one of my favourites taken.

Page 2/20. I got a new camera overseas and I was playing around with the rapid fire and naturally as soon as I saw these photo's I had to get them printed straight away so that I could have a play around. There is 12 photo's in total that I cut Lily out of and stuck on top of each other in there correct sequence. I love the finished result.

Well that's about it for the moment. Depending on the mind block as to when I will have more to share. But for now Thanks for looking and all your comments I love to hear from you all.

See you later and Take care.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Finally some Holiday photo's to share!!!

Well Hello to everyone! I am Back from oversea's and I finally have some photo's to share for you all to look at. I did try my hardest while overseas to update the blog but couldn't access a usb port on any of the computers to download the photo's so this is why you have had to wait until I got back home to do it. Well here are a few out of my 3000 photo's that I took in the 3 weeks that we were away, I hope you enjoy. The trip was great we all had a ball and were amazed by alot of the places that we went to and all of the history behind these places is very inspiring. My highlight was definitely the Great Wall of China it just goes on forever up and down the mountains as far as you can see. All of it I of course loved.
Well I will stop jibbering on and get onto the photo's. Here we go.
Us at dineyland Hong Kong in Minnie's House.
Lily in the Forbidden City.I love this photo I acn't wait to have a little play around with the editing.

Lily walking her little bit of the Great Wall. Kel and Lily on the Great Wall of China.
Kel and Lily in front of Tian'anmen Square Beijing China. Me and Lily outside the Forbidden City, Beijing China.
Our first Panda Bear!! Ocean Park, Hong Kong. The Giant Budha on Lantau Island Hong Kong.

The Victoria Harbour laser and light show on every night at 8pm.

Up on Victoria Peak Observation Deck in Hong Kong

Well thanks everyone for taking the time to share these photo's and of course I don't have anything scrappy to share at the minute where I have been away but hopefully soon I will.
Thanks for looking and Take Care.